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I¬†AM cartoon mania maybe some people already noticed ūüėȬ†¬†¬†¬†¬† I grew up with (Manga) cartoons and they are mostly from America, France and of course Manga- heaven-¬†Japan.¬† it’s not exaggerated to say I woke up at 6am when I was kindy¬†because I wanted to¬†watch Pink panther.

Last year, Disney animation studio created such a wonderful movie called BIG HERO 6.   It was biggest sucessful since Lion King from same team.     So when I got this party sweet order, I was like РOH YES!  LOVE TO MAKE IT!

07_18_2013_0664 (669x1024) 2 tiers cake with 3D Bay Max.

07_18_2013_0696 (1024x679) 2 styles of Baymax cup cake.

07_18_2013_0691 (683x1024)  Iced cookie Рsame design of cupcakes.


I definately look forward to create cartoon theme party sweet again!