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It was fantastic surprised news when Muy told me she is almost 5months pregnancy.  I have made her wedding cake about 2 years ago and now she will be mum in September!

She asked me if I can make ” Gender reveal cake ” for her party and Muy and her husband still don’t know the baby gender.  When they visited here she gave me envelope  with piece of paper inside from ultra sound clinic.

Muy ” you can open now, it’s our baby gender on the paper”

Me” what?   so you don’t know the baby yet..? ”

Muy ” NO,   ONLY you and the physician at the clinic know the Gender”

Me – open the paper  –  Just say,, WOW!

So,,  this is my first time to create Gender reveal cake!

08_29_2013_1148 (1024x683) Ohh so cute the baby is Girl!    ( It was hard I couldn’t mention about gender at all after open the envelope)

08_29_2013_1150 (1024x683)Pink tint cake for baby girl. So when they cut cake, they will know it’s a girl.

08_29_2013_1151 (1024x683)Filling icing on each layer.

08_29_2013_1153 (1024x683)Completely cover with butter cream and no one can see the cake colour.

08_29_2013_1157 (683x1024) Putting pink & blue flags. so makes more curious!

I love to create Cake with surprised 🙂