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It’s a time to adding some new cake flavour and maybe some cake flavour will be eliminated.   The client’s question/inquiry is very important for me to know what is popular or trendy cake ( flavour ) in this industry and I believe majority of customer prefer ” less sweet but more flavour” nowadays.    My cake is about 10 ~ 15%  cut off white sugar and using fresh and safety ingredients ( NO GM food ) and bake by myself.

Baking is still fun as same decorating for me.   I love baking and enjoy it so much.  Everyday I still learn about baking and know more inside of science of cookery/baking.

I got some client’s favour sometimes, that was Green tea cake.  So,, why not I put this flavour as a standard cake flavour?   Then I started to my baking experiment and here is new cakes 🙂


10_22_2013_1521 (1024x683) Beautiful deep green maccha ( Green tea ) cake.  You taste slightly  bitterness and the combination with buttercream is just fantastic.  This cake is so moist.


10_22_2013_1525 (1024x683) I always wanted to add this flavour – Earl grey tea.  This tea leaf is distinctive citrus flavour and aroma.  I milled the leaf into almost powdered stage, so you don’t feel any leaf texture.   I thought lemony buttercream would suit as frosting, but maybe tea infused buttercream will be worth to try.

Mr Black

10_22_2013_1522 (683x1024) This cake is still need to change the ratio of ingredients – Maybe too bitter.  So I will try again to bake this cake and hope I will be able to introduce this cake soon.


10_27_2013_1528 (683x1024)   This is my new cake flavours.   Maccha, Oreo , Earl grey and Almond!