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When I was working at cake shops, we sometimes got ” BYO Fruit cake baked by  Mom ( or Granma )” which we cake decorator cover fondant and finish decoration.  Unfortunately most of fruit cake were failed their height, burned outside, very dry and sometimes still raw inside..  then we had to spend lots of time to fix the problem, shave out side, use many cake board to make sure cake got enough height,, etc.

So today I would love to share how to make ( bake ) Traditional rich fruit cake. ( Please pass this information if one of the your family members offer to bake cake for your wedding )

In beginning, Fruit cake should be moist inside.  So I sart soaking alcohol ( Brandy is great and should be 40% alcohol) with all dry fruit.  You can pick any dry fruit ( prune, date, apricot, candy ginger, dried fig are added characterized flavour ) and should be start at least 5days prior baking day.  Some people start 9month ago, so soaking time is really up to you.   But please  you mix them each day just make sure all fruit soaked brandy and give moist.

On the baking day, you mix with other ingredients.   If you have nuts ( walnut, almond, pecan nut ), please add this. They give great texture when you bite.   MOST important for baking is ” Making THICK LINE ” to baking tin.   If you use only 1 piece baking line, your fruit cake get burn outside very quick.    I normally make double line  inside and cover with thick paper ( ex cake box thickness )  outside protect from heat of the oven.

If your cake is 9inch size, cake tin sit down in oven for 4 hours with 140 degree.   Be patient..

08_03_2013_0832 (683x1024)Don’t be shy you need fill mixture same line as cake tin height!


08_03_2013_0836 (1024x683)Just finished baking. You can add extra brandy if you like.  For keep moist, cover with baking paper and foil then leave to cool down in tin.

 Next day, take the cake from tin and check height. The cake height must be about more than 3 inch. If cake is shorter than this, cake looks quite low after finish decorating.

08_04_2013_0840 (683x1024)Marzipan time!   I love this time.  Please choose Good quality marzipan as much as possible.  Good quality means more almond paste and flavour is just beautiful.  use tiny marzipan filling all whole of outside and you use just apricot jam as glue to hold marzipan and pure icing sugar for roll out paste.  DON’T USE WATER and CORN FLOUR!

08_04_2013_0843 (1024x683) Finished cover marzipan.  I made sharp corner this time but I don’t mind round corner, it looks more traditional.   I leave 1 day marzipan get dry outside so that I can still push harder when I cover icing fondant.

08_06_2013_0845 (1024x683) finished cover sugar fondant. So this is 3rd day after baking.

08_06_2013_0846 (1024x683) During a time, I made sugar gum tree which is putting on the top of the cake.

08_07_2013_0855 (832x1024) on 4th day, finish all decoration.

It’s long process but quite fun to still practice making traditional fruit wedding cake.   If you don’t cut this cake, you can keep until 1year wedding anniversary or baby born day.  Surprisingly this cake is still moist ever mature flavour.