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If someone ask ” What is the most popular colour for wedding at the moment?’, I definately say ” Mint and Peach”.  This colour will be suit any venues – Beach, Mountain, Park, Old cottage, Church, ,,everywhere!

This is the pictures I made sweet table and this couple choose thier venue is Sydney University.  Surrounding by  classic sandstone builging made me feel nostalgic.

01_09_2014_2171 (683x1024) This cake pop is one of the most popular style from CakeAtelier.   Flagiled sugar butterfly stop your cake pop 🙂

01_09_2014_2168 (1024x656) Couple’s initial iced cookies

01_09_2014_2172 (683x1024) We call this buttercream swirl ” Rose pipe”.  Blooming on top of your cupcake!

01_09_2014_2183 (683x1024)Maringue and mini frui tart.  They’s gone in 30 seconds!

01_09_2014_2155 (683x1024)Guests love this type of dessert lots – Baked  blueberry cheesecake.

01_09_2014_2189 (1024x683)This is the table after setting up.


01_09_2014_2185 (683x1024) From another angle.


So what colour is in your mind??